what is decentralised wastewater treatment?

Decentralised wastewater treatment schemes consist of wastewater collection sewers that transport waste from homes to a de-centralised treatment facility, allowing the waste to be treated at a suitable single location rather than at each home.

The collection sewers are low-pressure and small diameter, meaning they do not need deep trenches for installation like conventional gravity systems, which results in a lower cost of construction, reduced project duration, and low disruption to communities.

key benefits

  • Wastewater can be treated at a suitable centralised location

  • Solution for un-sewered communites with difficult soil conditions

  • Easily transports waste away from sensitive receptors like lakes, streams, or bays

  • Significant construction savings compared to conventional gravity sewer systems

  • Low-impact - minimal or no road closures for pipe crossings, no deep trenches, reduced project durations

  • Proven technology

  • Guaranteed quality tested to ISO: xxx


Decentralised treatment systems have techonology proven


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