Drip Distribution Project - Housing Estate, Co. Monaghan 2015

Project overview

An upgrade to 3 overloaded wetlands was urgently needed as the adjoining stream was heavily polluted with sewage and feeding into a sensitive catchment. Furthermore, the site conditions were difficult due to tight clay soils and a high water table with mottling at 400mm.

Ashtecs were engaged to assist with a difficult situation. Ashtecs designed and installed a drip distribution system into the surrounding land. The system provided the expected successfully outcome, resulting in a significant improvement in stream water quality, deeper groundwater quality continuing to improve, and a very happy client.

drip distribution system

The drip tubing was mole ploughed into two fields 150mm below ground level. The drip tubing used was Geoflow pressure compensating drip line with root inhibitor and anti-microbial coating. The project was completed in April 2015 and has be operating as designed ever since.