what is drip distribution?

An introductory video explaining what is wastewater drip distribution, how it works, and the benefits.

Drip Distribution is an innovative wastewater discharge and treatment method that has been pioneered by Ashtecs in Ireland and UK. Drip Distribution is known by a variety of names such as drip irrigation, drip dispersal, drip infiltration or drip feed systems.

Drip Distribution works as an irrigation method where the wastewater is filtered by the soil, allowing the naturally occurring organisms to purify the water and safely returning it to the environment.

Key Benefits

  • Most efficient distribution method – US Environmental Protection Agency

  • No need for discharge licences?

  • Economical, often much cheaper than alternative methods

  • Can be used in difficult sites

  • Minimal site impact during installation 

  • Requires smaller area than other dispersal systems

  • Environmentally friendly 

  • No surface contamination, no run-off problems, no bad smells 


Ashtecs are acknowledged as the industry experts on Drip Distribution in Ireland and UK. We designed and supplied the systems used in the EPA funded research by Trinity College Dublin on wastewater disposal systems, prompting the review of the Code of Practice which is also used as a guide for commercial and industrial applications. 


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