what is Low pressure distribution?

Low Pressure Distribution systems, such as Low Pressure Pipe (LPP) and Mounds, are an efficient method of distributing effluent onto sand and soil polishing filters. A considerably smaller area is required compared to a gravity system due to the increased efficiency of distribution, whether they are mounds or sub-surface systems. This smaller area provides a cost saving with less imported media and makes the treatment system less noticeable. 

 Key Benefits 

  • Customised design details provided including pump details and dose volumes

  • Efficient distribution method

  • Reliable and low maintenance

  • Economical requiring less space on the site 

  • Can be used in difficult sites

  • Environmentally friendly 

  • No surface contamination, no run-off problems, no bad smells 


Ashtecs can provide a full turnkey service, from design and supply, project management of installation, through to certification and servicing. Alternatively, we can design a pressurised infiltration system and supply customised pipework and components for industrial, commercial and residential systems.  Based on the site details provided we calculate site specific designs with pump capacity, pipe and orifice dimensions.

Due to the smaller area required for polishing filter as stipulated in the building regulations, is very important that the LPP systems are designed by an experienced and professionally insured designer. Often less reputable contractors take a ‘one size fits all’ approach to providing LPP systems but don’t consider critical variables such as pump specifications, soil conditions or site conditions, resulting in a malfunctioning system and an irate customer.

Ashtecs are acknowledged as the industry experts on LPP and dispersal systems in Ireland and UK. We designed and supplied the LPP systems used in the EPA funded research by Trinity College Dublin on wastewater disposal systems, prompting the review of the Code of Practice which is also used as a guide for commercial and industrial applications.


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