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We specialise in wastewater treatment and infiltration systems for customers in un-sewered areas.

Whether you require advanced wastewater treatment, innovative discharge solutions, or expert knowledge, Ashtecs has a solution for you. 




Wastewater treatment technologies and innovative solutions for discharge licences creating significant cost savings and allowing industries to reach their full potential.


Wastewater solutions that are low-cost, reliable, and environmentally friendly for commercial sectors such as hotels, schools, tourist venues, pubs and offices, among others.


De-centralised wastewater collection and treatment solutions that significantly reduce project cost, time and wastewater unit cost per home. Our solutions are often the only ones available to permit a project’s development.


Wastewater treatment for un-sewered houses in sensitive areas and where no other solutions can be permitted, from single house to large clustered developments.



Ashtecs can provide a full turnkey solution for your project

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Design & Consultancy

Ashtecs can provide design and consultancy services so you can relax knowing you are getting the best solution for your project

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Installation & Servicing

Ashtecs has a team of certified installers that will ensure your system installation is of the highest quality.  

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Ashtecs can take care of your discharge licence from initial consultation all through to approval, thanks to our industry knowledge and expertise.

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Ashtecs provides training and seminars to Local Authorities, Engineers, Architects, Site Assessors, and other wastewater professional groups on request.


About Us

Ashtecs has built a reputation for innovation and quality in the wastewater industry operating in Ireland and the USA. We have over 25 years of experience in wastewater treatment systems and soil infiltration systems in Ireland, United Kingdom and the USA. 

Our aim is to provide a specialist turnkey service to construction and environmental professionals in the onsite industry focusing on industries and properties in un-sewered areas. 

Ashtecs pioneered the use of Drip Distribution and Pressure Pipe Networks in Ireland and the United Kingdom and is considered the industry experts on pressure distribution and soil infiltration systems. 



Drip Distribution

LOW Pressure Distribution

Pressure Components


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