Ashtecs provide wastewater treatment technologies that are low-cost, suitable for difficult sites, reliable, low-maintenance, and environmentally friendly for commercial applications such as hotels, schools, offices, among others.

 We can offer a full turnkey service from site inspections and proposal through to design, installation and servicing. Alternatively, we can supply specific components to complement another system.  


 Commercial Discharge Systems

Many rural businesses and land owners cannot achieve their investment potential because they are restricted by problems and regulations around wastewater and sewage discharges. With an Ashtecs designed wastewater discharge systems, your sewage and wastewater is recycled back in to the ground where it is naturally treated, meaning no discharge pollution and no headaches. 

Not only are the systems environmentally friendly, the cost savings from no discharge licence fees can often offset the cost of an Ashtecs system within a short amount of time. 

Not only will you never have to worry about wastewater discharge licences again, you will save money while doing so.

 Contact us today to get a free consultation to see how much time, money and effort we can save your business.


Commercial Products