Decentralised Wastewater Treatment

Many communities and developers throughout Ireland and UK are struggling with wastewater collection, treatment and discharge issues.

Plans for new wastewater treatment systems may be on hold because of the lack of an available sewer to transport the wastewater to a central location.  Conventional gravity sewer systems are too costly for many small communities and villages, while many older sewer systems have developed leaks over time and are causing pollution.

Ashtecs can provide an answer through small pipe wastewater collection sewers and de-centralised treatment systems, providing an innovative solution to an old problem. Water-tight effluent sewers transport waste from homes to a treatment facility, so the waste is treated at a suitable single location rather than at each home. 


Group wastewater schemes

Group Water Schemes are operating in many regions to provide drinking water supplies. Group wastewater schemes are available through Ashtecs to close the loop by linking the existing water supply network with a wastewater collection network and communal treatment and effluent dispersal area.


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