Ashtecs provides sewage and wastewater treatment technologies for un-sewered industrial applications from in-house or with our approved partners, creating significant cost and time savings for the project. 

We can offer a full turnkey service from site inspections and proposal through to design, installation and ongoing servicing. Alternatively, we can supply specific components to complement another system.  


Industrial Discharge Systems

Take the stress out of managing discharge licence requirements. With Ashtecs designed drip distribution systems, your sewage and wastewater are sustainably recycled to the ground where it is naturally treated, meaning no polluting discharges. 

In some jurisdictions the cost savings from no discharge licence fees can often offset the cost of an Ashtecs system within a short amount of time. 

Not only that, in a recent project we found that our Drip Distribution system is providing a solution to the client’s problem at a fraction of the cost of the alternatives. 

You will save money in the long term while removing significant levels of stress over effluent discharges.

Contact us today to get a free consultation to see how much time, money and effort we can save you in your project. 


Industrial Products