Drip included in Revised Draft EPA Wastewater Code of Practice 2018

The Environmental Protection Agency has included Drip Distribution and LPP systems in its new published draft updates to the wastewater Code of Practice 2009. Following the successful study by Trinity College on behalf of the EPA into Drip and LPP dispersal technologies, designed and supplied by Ashtecs, the new CoP containing these dispersal options has finally been published in December 2018 for public comments.

Geoflow manufactured drip tubing is supplied in Ireland and the UK by Ashtecs. Following its inclusion in the new CoP we expect to see it used in many diverse situations from communal and individual domestic application to commercial and industrial effluent discharges. The technology has been tested and proven internationally over four decades of use. Its use in Ireland requires that the dripline be pre-treated to prevent bacterial deposits building up on the tubing walls and also to prevent root intrusion from trees and shrubs which of course the Geoflow tubing is.

Its an exciting development for Ashtecs which has been advocating and pioneering the use of wastewater drip systems in Europe since 2004.